The blog itself

This blog is good because it allows me to look back at how I felt.

To look back and remind myself how difficult it was for me.

To remind me to be harder, more resilient.

These are the things I don’t text them. Things I tell them. Things I don’t Snapchat them. 

The things I don’t omit.

I’m not sure how much it works but it helps.

D.8/ M.2

Yesterday D replied to my selfie saying ‘I recognise that lip bite’.

I replied with ‘Could be possible’.

D wants to have me in my bed again.

M messaged me today asking to go for that long awaited coffee.

The conversation ended when I pretended I didn’t have his number saved.

I have no interest in either of them but I don’t want to say.

Trying to be nice and not hurt people becomes a Catch 22. You can hurt them more if you don’t let them know.

That being said, it’s just social media.

I can’t accept responsibility for my binary codes and the allure of my profiles.